LED Bulbs

LED - The Future of Lighting

Using almost 90% less electricity than standard bulbs, lasting up to and beyond ten years, and producing an even spectrum of light that is unparalleled; the future of lighting is Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). The Department of Energy has stated a goal to reduce electrical lighting energy consumption by 50% percent by the year 2025 through the use of LEDs. Market studies predict that by 2040 LEDs will have replaced all other sources of artificial light in the developed world. When LEDs are universally implemented there will never be a need for another power plant. By far LEDs are the most dramatic change and realistic way for each of us to conserve energy and save our natural resources.

When the light emitting diode was invented in the 1968, it was not even considered as potential competition for incandescent light. It was not nearly powerful or bright enough. However, over the last 35 years, Moore’s law has continued to be proven true. LED luminosity has doubled every 18 to 24 months since and is now finally ready to overtake the entire lighting market. LEDs can be used in any residential and commercial space. Equally as important, LEDs are made of plastic making them nearly indestructible.
Nearly everyone experiences the benefits of LED lighting several times a day, whether they realize it or not. Televisions, VCRs, billboards, Christmas lights, cell phones, car lights, stoplights and walk signals are all built with LEDs. At our current rate of progress, LEDs will be able to replace every light bulb in existence by 2010. Although LEDs may cost more up front, analysts estimate they pay for themselves within the first two years of their eleven-year lifespan. For some consumers the initial cost continues to be a barrier, in the near future this will be eliminated. Like the advancement of computers, LEDs are not only growing in power and capacity, but consistently dropping in price.

State and city municipalities are replacing their building and community lighting systems with LEDs consistently resulting in celebrated savings. Forward thinking developers are building houses, condos, and business towers using only LEDs. Casinos, museums, and architectural landscapers are now solely using LEDs for their long life, superior effects, and controllability. With the most experience, LED*Waves has been there all along helping builders adapt to the newest technologies, for the biggest benefits, and the most savings Today, LED*Waves is one of the only web-based retailers where the average consumer can purchase a single bulb or the largest developer can expect the best service and expertise in lighting an entire building, inside and out. Based in New York City with branches in New York and Shanghai; LED*Waves Inc. is not only a retailer of LEDs, but also the manufacturer. On average we add to our roster 3 new LED products a month and since our incorporation in 2002, LED*Waves has grown 25% a year. Our products are certified in several countries and come complete with a 12 month warranty. Any purchases can be made through our interactive website or the exclusive 800 number. Our customer service representatives are here to help with any technical questions. Together we can change the world, one bulb at a time!

The future of lighting has arrived, more affordable and energy efficient than ever. Today more companies, businesses, governments, cities and homeowners are looking for ways to cut costs and preserve our precious natural resources. LED is the answer and LED*Waves have been working on better ways to answer that question every year. The culmination thus far of that task you hold before you; LEDs for every application, possibility and situation. With our ability to customize and design to your specifications and desires there is no reason not to incorporate this new standard into your project.