LED Ropelight


Instant Ropelghtropelightworld2.gif - LED
LED Instant Ropelight is made with a series of miniature LED bulbs embedded in a PVC tube. It can be flexibly bent into any shapes . Instant Ropelight is basic and simple. It creates static lighting . Ropelight is easy to be used in different designs to light up edges of building, or to make a promotional sign.

LED Chasing Ropelight

chasing.gifChasing Ropelight creates various lighting motions with different models of controller. Motion enables Chasing Ropelight to create dynamic and vivid decoration. It is perfect for catching attention and creating energetic atmosphere. Chasing Ropelight can be used to make advertisement signs, decorations for gateways or buildings

Ropelight Specifacations and Accessories

 Voltage>  Length MPAGE  Average Lifespan  Diametor  Bulb/Metre
 240V  10M -100M

 0.8 A

per 100M

10 YEAR  13mm  36

Amazing Sound activated Controller, lets the lighting dance, flash and whiz to the sound of your favourite CD or party music or put the controller on mute and pick from preset modes that can Speed Adjust with Flashing, Chasing and Gradual Color Change. Ideal for Christmas Lights Displays, School Ball Displays, Weddings, Night Clubs or Wineries

mounting_strip.jpgSilicon Channelling to put on your home or business, this is the quick and easy way of putting Flexilight Ropelight up. It looks proffessional and helps protect the ropelight in all sorts of wearher conditions. Either screw it in or glue it to the outside of your house. Great straight lines no saggy bits

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