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Join Flexilight Christmas Club to save more for Christmas

Flexilight Christmas Club 187 Westminster Ave Tamatea Napier 06 8435 435

Christmas Lights can be a big expense at the wrong time of the year. Join Flexilight Christmas Club which will help you save for Christmas Lights all year round.

Simply Contact us for our Bank Details and start up an Automatic Payment Online or we’ll send you out the correct documents for your bank.

We all know Christmas has just been and we’ve just put our decorations away but we’ll be putting them all back up start of November just 9 months. Imagine having the money put away to buy quality lights to really light up your home or business


  • Discounts off all products
  • Updates when products are arriving
  • Order products in advance no chance of product not being in stock
  • Updates on new Technologies
  • Prizes & Specials

GOLD Member

9 months 40 weeks $75 = $3000

15% Discount



9 months 40 weeks $40 = $1600

12.5% Discount



9 months 40 weeks $20 = $800

10% Discount


Download Christmas club application here

Please check our online store for products and pricing, visit our warehouse or ring us on 06 8435 435