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Flexilight New Zealand only sells the best quality fairy lights sourced from the leading manufactorers in the world. We also use and test our products on our own buildings something our competitors have not contemplated.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) Lights are super bright, very long lasting lights. They use very little power, 10 strings of LED'S use the same power as one standard fairy light length. Stand out from the rest these are well worth it!

LED Christmas Lights are basically tiny light bulbs that, unlike ordinary incandescent mini bulbs, have no filament. Because they have no filament, they require less energy, produce less heat, and last a great deal longer. Because the LED's energy is not being wasted heating a filament and a greater percentage of power is going directly to generate light, making them much brighter than traditional bulbs. Furthermore, the bulb is constructed out of heavy plastic and therefore remarkably durable.

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Options & Features

  • Commercial grade quality LED Christmas Lights
  • Flexilight Christmas Lights come with or without a Controller so you choose flashing or static LED Christmas Lighting
  • Flexilight Christmas Lights is the ultimate Christmas Light, Flexi-Star bulbs will last 10 Years + and are strong and verstalie.
  • Flexilight Christmas Lights comes with no spare LED bulbs as no LED bulbs will need replacing taking the hassle out of Christmas.
  • Flexilight Christmas Lights also has 100 LED bulbs per 5 metres creating a sparkling Christmas Light display.
  • Flexilight Christmas Lights has a New Zealand safety approved plug that plugs straight into the power socket no need for messy transformers.
  • Flexilight Christmas Lights makes incredible products Flexilight LED Fairy Lights * Extendable Rattan Lights * Icicles * Net Lights * Curtains * Clip Lights*
  • Flexilight New Zealand Stocks Fairy Lights 12 months of the year
  • Flexilight Christmas Lights Come in Clear, Blue or Multi-Colouredon_line.gif,.RED or Green

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